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Portland DJ Abraham Ingle, also known as DJ Invisiboy, describes his musical creations as something in between hyper-mash-up artists like Girl Talk and traditional mash-up DJs. One thing is for certain: DJ Invisiboy knows how to get a crowd dancing with his hip vibe. Working hard in Portland over the last 10 years, DJ Invisiboy’s creativity has evolved and really taken off. He has new shows, new mash-ups, a new website, and a how-to DJ blog. He is also dropping a new album in the near future and has a west-coast tour in the works. There is little doubt that DJ Invisiboy is on the rise. OMN had the opportunity to learn more about what makes this talented and down-to-earth DJ so cool.

Growing up on a farm in Camarillo, California, music always had a starring role in DJ Invisiboy’s life, and from about age 16 he has made music in one way or another.

“I grew up in a house that loved music. I was always around it and always exposed to it. There was a lot of Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, Phil Collins, and Tom Petty going on. There were no children’s ballads; I just listened to whatever my parents listened to until I developed my own tastes. In Junior High I gravitated toward hip-hop and then I got into the punk scene.

“I have a Crass tattoo, so punk played a big part in my life! I was a singer in a punk band and learned how to play guitar, but not very well. In about 1998, my music spectrum broadened from just hip-hop and punk and I started listening to everything. I got interested in synthesizers and from there I got interested in production and recording and that kind of became the main thrust of what I did musically from about the age of 21,” DJ Invisiboy said.

Once DJ Invisiboy found a talent for DJ-ing, he came up with a creative and distinct name to match his fresh sound.

“I played in a band in Portland years ago. It was called The Bats from the Pyramids of Egypt. I played synthesizers in that band and did some production stuff, but before that band was a band, it was just an idea in my head of a guy playing loops and different parts. I was toying with the idea that the performer would be kind of hidden in a structure that obscured him, but I wanted it to seem like there was a band, too. I think the name came out of that invisible performer idea,” explained DJ Invisiboy.

Making a unique musical sound involves not only spending a lot of face time in front of electronic equipment, but also a lot of time alone to craft the tracks, and in that respect a DJ can sometimes feel invisible.

Watch DJ Invisiboy throw down live in his CxCW submission:

“We spend a lot of time in front of a computer and playing with knobs. I spent 5 months making the first album. A lot of work went into getting that album finished. You spend so much time working on something and you never know until you release it how it will be received and whether or not anyone will like it,” said DJ Invisiboy.

To hear DJ Invisiboy’s new album, click here.

DJ Invisiboy hopes that people connect to his work and enjoy his special mash-up sound. From the positive feedback that he gets from fans and from the sold-out shows when he plays, it appears as though DJ Invisiboy has made that connection.

“I love to see people going crazy. I love to see hands in the air. I love to play the Kelly Clarkson track that I have. I do a ‘Since You’ve Been Gone’ mash-up that always surprises people and people love it! I love seeing when people are having a good time and getting really into the music. I like creating that experience for people,” DJ Invisiboy said.

Creating a fun and inviting atmosphere is just one part of the DJ Invisiboy package. When asked what DJ Invisiboy wanted people to know about him, he laughed and responded, “That I’m nice and that I like talking to them!”

And nice he is. Not only does DJ Invisiboy offer free music on his website, but he takes it one step further, releasing a new song each Monday for fans to download.

“I think for quite sometime now, not just since the Internet, since the ’60s or even before really, musicians have always made their income by playing live and not really by selling things,” said DJ Invisiboy.

Check out DJ Invisiboy’s Free Music Monday campaign here and this Monday’s selection: “Drop de Floor” an original mash-up of Fatman Scoop, The Strokes and Major Lazer.
Drop De Floor (Major Lazer, Fatman Scoop, The Strokes) by DJ Invisiboy
Being approachable and making sure people have a good time is not just limited to the dance floor and a live performance. DJ Invisiboy also has a very informative blog where he offers DJ-ing advice to anyone new to the business. Sharing tips and techniques is just one more way that DJ Invisiboy shows he cares about what he does.

“If you want to be a digital DJ or mash-up guy, start with some vinyl or CDs because that is the only way that you’re going to learn the fundamentals of how to do it. Learn a little bit of music theory and really get in there. Don’t just get a pirated copy of software and jump into this without paying attention to things like key and whether your source material is of good quality because then you’ll make a lot of mistakes. When you start out you really have to bring your A-game. It has to be good. Judge your stuff against your heroes,” said DJ Invisiboy.

Find more tips by clicking here.

DJ Invisiboy certainly follows his own advice: He brings his A-game to whatever he does.

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