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FL Performance Mode vs. Abelton / Monome

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Until Abelton Live came out, nearly every DAW was pretty much the same. With the advent of Performance Mode, Abelton successfully created an intuitive way to blur the lines between performance and recording.

Lots of DAWs have tried to jump on the bandwagon, and many have rolled out their own versions, but the best of those have just ripped off what Abelton was doing. No other DAW has ever given me a reason to even consider switching…. until now (but I’m not switching yet).

FL studio’s Performance Mode is finally something different (kind of – really it just emulates the Monome). Users can now go from the playlist directly into performance triggering. Instead of flipping the grid like in Ableton, the screen is simply chopped up – smart and fast.

While you could easily set this up in Abelton with follow actions (if you rotate the launchpad 90 degrees) it would take a long time, this can be set up in 30 seconds.

I’m just hoping Abelton implements something like this into Abelton 9, FL’s interface is hideous.

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