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“So my boy DJ Invisiboy dropped some new hot shit, probably his hottest shit yet… Um, hell yeah bro.”

– Electric Panda Music 

“Because sometimes the weekend starts on Thursday. Because sometimes an awesome DJ mixes up an exclusive remix for your site…

DJ Invisiboy made some waves a few months ago with his fresh mashup album. After that he found himself trolling our Best Of 2011 sidebar (far right) and stumbled across the magical Pance Party. Inspired by said magical-ness he whipped up this little jam-o for us.”

– The Burning Ear


“Awesome mash up for that Friday party feeling!”

-Listen Before You Buy


“Not unlike the White Panda’s rad Pandamonium release comes this new mega-mashup album from DJ Invisiboy. 21 tracks long, all sewn together for your listening pleasure.”

-Culture Billy


“Mashup is not anything new, but it’s always gratifying to see someone really nail it. Invisiboy tackles it from the “plow wide” angle, throwing as many elements into the mix as seamlessly as possible. This is definitely going into my high-energy-clean-the-house-mix.”

-Crappy Indie Music


“The dude cranks out some awesome mashups. Today’s Music Monday/Mashup Monday track is “Low Bots” – a dope mashup of Robyn’s “Fembots” with Flo Rida’s “Low” and a little helping of Freezepop in there. Perfect little mashup to start your week off with an upbeat, fun tempo.

-Electric Panda


“A fresh mashup from DJ Invisiboy who also just dropped a whole free album of jams like this. “Get Close To Me, Papi” is a good place to start.”

-The Burning Ear


“His music fills the gap between hyper-mash up artists like Girl Talk and traditional mash-up DJs which basically means his music is… awesome.”



“Invisiboy took his unique and diverse collection of tracks to a new medium, the light up touch pad. He is able to create some pretty impressive mash ups on the go with great attention paid to track selection and a smooth mixing style. Sampling everything from The Misfits to Lil’ Wayne, Hall and Oates to Junior Boys, Bonnie Tyler to 36 Mafia, this guy is sure to get any dance-floor packed in a jiffy.”

-The Meaty Sauce


“Invisiboy has the skills to create intricate mashups but, above it all, I really fancy his track selection. In the best way possible, it is a bit all over the place. I must say, the opening sample from The Misfits instantaneously pulled me in though.”

-The Be Rad Blog


“First song that sucked me is was ‘Bright Eyes Against The World’

-Swizzy Land


“I like the songs he chose and it’s interesting seeing the contrasting styles mixed into sick tracks. I like the Radiohead and The Cure samples in there. Definitely my faves.”

-Suburban Dictionary


“DJ Invisiboy Is a mash up producer from Portland Oregon who records and plays live using a cool light up touchpad. This dude has talent!! Listen for yourself!”

-Musik Junkies


““Rawnald Where You At” is my favorite featuring Lil Wayne vocals overal Starf*cker‘s insanely catchy indie rock instrumentals which Invisiboy sped up.”

-Before the Bigs


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